Oh how I love when a sprout from last year pops in to say hello in the morning.  This year, many friends have come to say hello, some from day one, and others, only recently.

Nicole was a shy, quiet little girl who took many months last year to even speak in front of the class. She always lights up when we see each other in the hallway and opens her arms up for a hug… only in the last few days has she appeared in the classroom doorway each morning.  She doesn’t say anything, she just walks over to me with open arms for a hug.  She then seeks out Mrs. D. for the same and then just as quietly as she arrived, leaves the class.

On Thursday, I happened to be sitting in my chair helping a child with the morning message when Nicole came in for her hug.  I noticed, it was a very tight hug, I mean she was really squeezing me.  I wasn’t sure if it might have been because I was sitting and she had a better grip on me.

As soon as she finished with me, she found Mrs. D. I watched as she got the same intense squeeze.

“Have a wonderful day,” Mrs. D. said to no reply.

Afterwards, true to form, Nicole slithered out of the room without a word.

Mrs. D. then looked over at me and whispered, “That hug was tight.”

I’m not sure why Nicole has suddenly felt the need for daily visits and hugs… maybe she’s realizing our time together was so special and wants a little something to remember it by… maybe the work in first grade is ramping up and she’s longing to be back in kindergarten… whatever the reason, I’m grateful for her visits and tight hugs.