As I settle into the third week at my new school (Monday will be day 13 to be exact), I’m just overwhelmed at the level of affection and closeness my new sprouts are showering on me.  I’m just amazed at how quickly my new friends are acclimating and viewing school, our classroom, and even perhaps me, as a refuge.

Hugs always come in kindergarten, usually one or two kids the first week or so – and then after a month or so, others follow.  At my new school, the first day most of them hugged me when I passed out their folders before dismissal.  This week, a tiny little girl, not happy with our height difference, asked me to ‘come down’ so she could wrap her arms around my neck.  Of course I did and now that’s the new way we’re hugging.

I’m also sitting on the floor a lot more.  Unless I’m reading a book or working at the whiteboard, I’m down on the rug – bookmarked by kids – usually leaning into me, trying to make some kind of contact anyway they can. When I do need to sit in a chair, one little boy scoots up and perches his chin on my knee.  Our community is just coming together, but we’re already becoming a family.

When I came to this new school, I knew there were going to be rationales for the change (other than my super short commute) and I’m certain these kids are the reason – I’m needed here and so glad I’ve arrived.