All week we’ve been learning about Martin Luther King. Jr.  We’ve read so many books, I am continually amazed at the number of age appropriate books out there about his life and work for kindergarten.  What has happened that is different this year, is, for some reason, while learning about Dr. King, by chance, we’ve also learned about why studying history is so important.

Last year, after Dr. King’s birthday, I found some new books about him in the Scholastic order and bought them. I put them with my pile of other books about him until this year.  One particularly good one was My First Biography: Marting Luther King Jr. by Marion Dane Bauer with illustrations by Jamie Smith.

Like most of the other books, it talked about young Martin and then concluded with his legacy.  The last page was striking.  Some children marching with a sign that read, ‘Remember’.

Of course, when I read that, my class wanted to know what that meant.

“We need to learn about Martin Luther King, Jr. and remember his life and work… Even though it’s hard to learn about how terrible some people treated others, it’s important to remember so it never happens again…” I surmised.

We are kindergartners and we are wise.  We remember.