RhombusThe other day, we were reviewing shapes.  For some reason, most of the shape names aren’t too tricky.  Circle – well we all know that.  Square and Triangle too. Rectangle can be challenging, but a little explanation of the two short and two long sides usually does the trick. It’s the darn Rhombus that gets us every time.  Back when I was a kid, we just called it a ‘diamond’ and that was good enough, but not anymore.  Kids look at it and say ‘diamond’ without hesitation, but what in the world is a Rhombus?

Kids know music.  Popular music and often songs that aren’t really appropriate for them.  If I can utilize this knowledge to help me help them, who am I to argue?

During the lesson, when I called on a little girl to name a Rhombus, and she was stuck, I started singing, “Shine bright like a…RHOMBUS!”

Like it or not, that Rihanna song has infiltrated every crevice of popular culture and kids know it.

“So instead of Shine Bright Like a Diamond, sing, Shine Bright Like a Rhombus!” I explained.

Within seconds, the entire class was singing, in unison, ‘Shine Bright Like a Rhombus!’ and they were given a way to (hopefully) help them remember what a Rhombus is… it shines bright like a diamond!