Each morning, my entire school eats breakfast together.  Each classroom sits together and dines.  It’s something my principal spearheaded last year (before my arrival) to curb absenteeism.  After just one year of offering free breakfast to every child, it worked.  Not only were absences significantly down, but visits to the nurse were too. Kids weren’t hungry and parents had one less item to worry about in the morning.

Before my sprouts arrive, I walk down to the cafeteria to pickup my breakfast bin.  The amazing lunch ladies pack it with milk, juice, and whatever we’re having that day (cereal, muffins, pancakes, or my personal favorite – honey buns!).  Now since my room is relatively close to the cafeteria, I just walk down, but some of the other teachers whose rooms are further away, bring a cart.  Being the nice folks they are, they usually get not only their own bin, but those of the teachers near them.

Well on Friday, as I left my classroom, it just so happened a first grade teacher was walking by with her cart in tow. Maybe it was the fact that I’d been at school until after seven the night before for conferences… maybe it was because it was Friday… or even that I was wearing my Harry Potter Seeker t-shirt, but for whatever reason, without asking (I probably should have asked first…) I jumped on her cart for a ride.

Of course she obliged and pushed me.  It was no roller coaster,  but it was loads of fun just the same. Picking up speed as we approached the cafeteria, I jumped off and landed the dismount.  It was pretty awesome. Who says the kids get to have all the fun in kindergarten?