Right now, even though it is after seven at night, I am not at home.

Right now, you are only reading this because I just figured out how to schedule a post – yay me!

Right now, I’ve had a thirteen hour plus day with barely a moment to use the bathroom.

Right now, I am thinking about driving home in the pitch black.

Right now, I am wishing I could get out of my work clothes.

Right now, I have a cough drop in my mouth because I’m getting hoarse from teaching and singing all day and trying to save my voice because I’ll have to do it all again tomorrow.

Right now, I am meeting with a parent of one of my sprouts.

Right now, I am smiling and trying to convey just how much I care about their child.

Right now, I am exhausted, but you’d never know it because I’m a teacher and I love my job enough to make it through.