Ever have one of those days?  Well, today was one for me… in a weird way, it was awesome, because no matter how bad your day was, after you hear about mine, you won’t feel quite as bad.  So consider it my gift to you.

Besides the fact that it rained all day and we didn’t get outside for a second, my day seemed to be turning out just fine.  About nine-thirty, as Mrs. D. dismissed the kids for snack, I walked over to get a tissue.  Just then, Mrs. M., our academic support person came up to me.

“Um, did you rip your pants?” She whispered.

I wasn’t aware of anything.

“Not that I…” I began as I looked around the back of my pants.

What I discovered was not really a rip, but more of a fissure akin to the Grand Canyon.

Try to make a picture in your mind… the tear began just above the back pocket and ran down the entire right leg and stopped right at the knee. If you can’t quite picture it in your head, I snapped a photo – with me out of them.

So, the sixty-four-thousand dollar question is, how did this happen?  And in the grand tradition of kindergarten mysteries – I have absolutely no idea. Did I hear a rip?  Nope.  Did I feel any tugging?  Nope.  Did I feel the cool breeze on my backside?  Not a bit.

Mrs. M. sprang into action and got me a sweatshirt to tie around my waist. This worked momentarily, but with the rip to the back of my knee, it didn’t even cover it all.

Being only nine-thirty, Mrs. D. and I agreed there was no way I could make it through the entire day in this state of undress.  So, after sharing my disgrace with the ladies in the office (really, they should pay me for my entertainment), I sprinted home and changed.

SO, my lesson today was that apparently, not only kindergarten children need a change of clothes in their backpack.  This weekend I’ll be buying a spare pair of jeans and dashing them in my car… you know, just in case.