OK, I almost never review children’s books, but I found one that many may not have heard of, and the amount of sheer joy (something we can all use an extra dose of) it is bringing to my classroom needs to be shared. Run, Turkey, Run! by Diane Mayr with illustrations by Laura Rader has got to me my all time favorite (non-historical, that goes to Tapenum’s Day) Thanksgiving read aloud. This simple story about a turkey trying to evade becoming the main course on thanksgiving has brought more giggles and laughter to my class than any other book in recent memory.

We’ve actually read it every day since it was first brought out about a week ago. Every single day. The text is predictable, and the children get to read (or shout, it’s up to you) ‘Run, Turkey, Run!’ ever couple of pages. Every time they urge the poor bird on in unison, all I can hear in my head is Jenny from the Forest Gump movie shouting, “Run, Forest, Run!” in that deep southern drawl. It’s awesome!

Our hero, the turkey, has many tricks up his sleeve to outwit the farmer, and the illustrations match the text for laughs. When turkey decides to hide in the duck pond he’s outfitted in full scuba gear. Hi-la-ri-ous. Really, you will be smiling and laughing right along with your sprouts… trust me.

If you’ve never read Run, Turkey, Run! do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. Your class will thank you for it. Otherwise, it might just be grilled cheese sandwiches for you and your family on Thanksgiving too!