Today while washing hands, I overheard (and was subsequently sucked into) and interesting conversation.

Billy came up to me and reported, “Mr. A., Charlie pushed me.”

Before I even opened my mouth to reply, Charlie interjected, “No I didn’t, No I didn’t, No I didn’t do a thing!”

Now I’d seen the push, so at this point, I was fishing for the facts.

“Charlie, remember how important being honest is, please tell me the truth,” I said.

Before Charlie could answer me, Amy, a witty and bright little girl, offered, “Charlie, remember Santa is always watching to see if you’re being naughty – lying is naughty.”

Charlie looked at me. I nodded in agreement with Amy.

“OK, I did it,” he admitted.

“Thank you for being honest, now what do you have to say to Billy?” I finished.

He turned and apologized.

I guess with Halloween over and the Christmas decorations out in stores, visions of presents and a certain jolly fat man in a red suit are taking over. To be clear, we’ve just started learning about Thanksgiving, that’s it! I’m not sure where Santa entered the picture, but hey, when you teach kindergarten, you’ll use whatever works.