Today, as I was walking to Library to pick my class up, I had a celebrity sighting… you know the kind where you’re the celebrity. It happens often when you teach kindergarten, but this one was special. The entire first grade was walking to the cafeteria and a group of about eight of my sprouts from last year were all together.

We have rule in my school… there is no talking in the hallways. It isn’t always followed, but as a teacher, I try to obey. When my friends started shouting my name, I didn’t speak, I just smiled and began patting heads and giving hugs. Apparently the excitement overtook them and they got a little loud… from halfway down the hallway, the lunch monitor in charge of them began shouting… at me.

“Mr. ______, are you causing trouble?!?” She yelled… apparently the irony of her yelling at me for causing noise in the hallway was lost on her.

Always one to follow the rules, I didn’t speak, but only shook my head no and motioned to her that I, unlike her, wasn’t making a peep.

The kids meanwhile looked a little scared. Their beloved kindergarten teacher was being… well, scolded.

She walked closer and gave me a scowl. Yikes. I had officially caused a ruckus in the hallway.

I stopped and gave one more hug to a few of my previous students and dashed into the library to meet my class. The dangers of being loved should never be underestimated.