Tomorrow I go back after Spring Break… I won’t be seeing any of my sprouts though.  This year, my district has extended our kindergartners break by two days so we can screen our new friends for the fall.  What does that mean for me?  I get to hang out with a bunch of four-year-olds for the next two days.

We’re also using a new screening tool (Something called the DIAL) and I have been assigned the Motor section.  During the training, my team leader informed me I was given this role because she thought ‘it would fit you well’ – and now I know why.

For the next two days I’ll be hopping, skipping, clapping, throwing, and standing on one foot.  Also I’ll be watching four-year-olds attempt to cut and besides Arthur (the movie, not the series and in my book, hands down the funniest movie ever made… I can start cracking up just thinking about certain scenes), it doesn’t get much more entertaining than that.

I’ll miss my class.  It will be a whopping twelve days passes when I see them again on Wednesday.  I’m sure they will look so grown up and I’m hopeful will act it too.  Something tells me after my time with the new crew they’ll look more and more like first graders.

How does your school screen incoming sprouts?