Well, apparently all the Vitamin Water and Airborne won’t keep you healthy when you have kindergarteners coughing and sneezing directly on you.  Seriously, with all the lessons on covering our mouths, in the heat of a cough or sneeze, they just sometimes forget… but I digress.  With almost no voice from a rotten sore throat, I took my first sick day today.  Boo-hoo for me.  Anyway, we just finished our Thanksgiving placemats and I remembered this story from last year:

One of the big Thanksgiving projects we do is making a placemat to bring home. The children color a turkey picture, write about what they are thankful for, and do some patterning on the placemat. It takes several days to complete and then the final product is laminated. It’s quite impressive when complete and it’s a nice keepsake.

One afternoon, while working on the turkey color by number page, Michael raised his hand and I walked over.

“I’m done with my chicken,” he said.

I looked at him with my head cocked to one side. My dog sometimes looks at me this way when he’s confused.

“Chicken?” I replied back to him.

No reply.

“Don’t you mean turkey?” I suggested.

He started laughing, I started laughing, and finally the laughter overtook his entire table.

Of the many, many things I’m thankful for this year, laughing with my sprouts it right near the top of the list.