Last night, as I’m fighting a terrible cold and wondering if I should call in sick, I kept second guessing myself. All the while feeling horribly guilty at the prospect of not going in. This is the lot of a sick teacher.

Do businessmen feel this way then they have to miss a day? When I used to work in the ‘real world’ as I like to call it, I had a boss, she was Russian, and with the thickest Russian accent you’ve ever heard, she used to always say, “If we don’t get our reports done, the world, it will still be spinning, no?”

Don’t get me wrong, I realize our dear Earth will spin regardless of whether or not I call in sick or not. I’m actually in the unique position of not having to write sub plans this year. That is only one of the many, MANY perks to co-teaching. We write and prep our lessons at least a week out together. I also know there will be consistency when I’m not there because my partner will keep things running as usual. So why the guilt?

Perhaps my mother taught me (as taught to her by her own mother) to really lay the guilt on myself. Who knows?

I did bite the bullet and call in sick. As luck would have it, a massive snowstorm moved in late morning and my school had an early release. I suppose Mother Nature has her own way of telling us what to do. Point taken. I’m off to rest on the sofa with my dog.