Yesterday, when Penny arrived, she didn’t walk in… she skipped in.  I noticed right away, because Penny almost always skips everywhere.  We have a rule about walking to keep us safe, but skipping isn’t really running and she isn’t going super fast, so I usually look the other way.

What is it about skipping that brings bliss to those who a) do it and b) witness it?  It’s hard to be in a bad mood when you see a kindergartner skipping over for a story… or skipping back to color… or skipping to give you a smile and a hug.  Skipping is just joyous, it really requires a complete disregard for anything negative.  You can’t skip and be down… being blue is the complete opposite of skipping.

Penny is the epitome of elation.  She, as all five and six-year-olds should be, simply loves life.  To show her complete adoration for each breath she takes, she chooses to skip instead of walk.  Try it sometime… choose cheer, skip instead of walking.  You’ll have a smile on for sure.