Each morning, as sprouts file in, I try to say ‘hello’ or ‘good morning’ and often compliment them on a hat, shirt, or outfit… today, I realized, sometimes I shouldn’t try so hard.

As Audra walked in with a few other girls, I noticed she had on a beautiful spring dress. Now Audra doesn’t usually wear dresses, so I figured I might compliment her on her outfit.

“Audra, what a beautiful dress you have on, I love the flowers… it’s so colorful,” I said with a smile.

Without missing a beat, she replied, “Thank you, but it’s not a dress, it’s a skirt.”

“Come on Mr. ______, clearly that’s a skirt, not a dress,” Mrs. D. teased.

“Oh sorry, well I like your skirt then,” I said, trying to fix my mistake.

I never claimed to be an expert on girls’ fashion (or hair for that matter), but I still love them all the same.