Oh the first day back is a wreck.  I’m lucky that I don’t actually have students the first day of school.  We screen and meet our new sprouts the first two days.  With many children registering right before school begins, it’s still a whirlwind of activity and preparation.  One of the highlights of being back the first day is greeting the buses.

All kindergarten teachers are asked to greet and meet the buses to help with any confused (ie. lost) children.  As the buses pull in, with windows down, I begin to hear my name shouted.  Listen up non-teacher friends, there is nothing like hearing a chorus of kids shouting your name in delight.

One by one, my friends from last year ran over to offer hugs and smiles.  I forgot how much I love those smiles.  Everyone reported a wonderful summer and excitement about first grade.  Ricky had some big new though.

“Mr. ______, guess what?” He taunted.

“What, what?” I replied, taking the bait.

“I’m going to be having a baby!  Can you believe it, I’m having a baby!” He beamed.

“Wait, you’re having a baby?” I asked patting his belly.

“Oh, I mean my mom is having a baby… my family I mean,” He corrected with a giggle.

“You will be such an amazing big brother Ricky.  Enjoy your first day back, I’ll be looking for you in the hallways,” I finished as he walked off.

I saw almost all my friends from last year at some point during the day.  A little bit of my grumpiness about going back evaporated with each smile I received.

My old sprouts are now first graders.  A new crop is on their way.  I can’t wait for our new community to come together.