There is something so charming about witnessing a child learning to snap (or wink for that matter).  Last weekend, somebody taught Frank how to snap.  Well, being the crafty fellow he is, he figured out to snap with both hands simultaneously.  Try to picture it in your head – Frank snapping both hands as they they circle around each other and he makes this face, like he’s concentrating so hard, but also having the time of his life snapping.

Well Monday morning, in pops Frank with, “Look what I can do!”

The snapping never ended.  He snapped all day long – regardless of the activity.  If work required him to use his hand for writing or coloring, the free hand maintained the snapping.  About mid-week I thought about contacting the Guinness Book of World Records because this kid was clearly going for some kind of record.  I thought about calling his mom to inquire if the snapping continued as he slept, but I’m pretty sure it did.

At some point I stopped using his given name and just began referring to him as ‘The Snapper’ which only made him smile and snap more ferociously.  You might think the constant snapping would get on my nerves, but you’d be wrong.  I applauded his enthusiasm and just hope he never loses the joy of snapping.