After sleeping until almost eight, I woke up to realize, the snow has finally come.  Last year, we had so many snow days we were almost in school until July… not fun.  I’m hopeful I’ll see a few weeks in June this year, but after trying to herd cats the weeks after holiday break, a respite day isn’t awful.  I was reminded of this post from my first year in kindergarten.  I’m hopeful my sprouts are enjoying their first ever snow day…

Snow day hopes.

Today is the first official snow day of the year. As a kid, I always adored a good snow day. Having to make it up in the warm days of summer never occurred to me. When I hear co-workers say they hate snow days because we have to make them up, I secretly cringe. A snow day is a blessed event.

As I contemplate my day (a little work, some bad movies, perhaps a little writing…) I started thinking about my students. As kindergartners, today is their first school snow day ever.

I hope they get chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.

I hope they watch lots of cartoons while eating breakfast (do they still show cartoons in the morning anymore?).

I hope their parents encourage them to get dressed INDEPENDENTLY to go play in the snow!

I hope they make snow angels (and wonder about snow devils).

I hope their snowman survives for at least a week.

I hope their snowball fights are fun and not ferocious.

I hope they have at least fifteen marshmallows in their hot cocoa when they come inside.

I hope their parents make the most of it.