Yesterday, as I walked out of school, another teacher called out to me:

“Where is your bag of work to do if we have a snow day tomorrow?” She wondered.

Now, to be fair, she is a second grade teacher… I used to teach second grade and it’s hard… also, not nearly as fun as kindergarten, but then again, not much is.

I should set the scene for you.  I was walking, well, with nothing.  Just me. No bag.  Nothing.  My keys were in my coat pocket.

“If we’re lucky enough to have a snow day tomorrow, I’m going to do what my sprouts will be doing… watching TV, movies, playing video games, and enjoying the day snow.” I called back to her.

“Good for you,” she replied… although I’m not sure she really meant it.

If the snow gods are going to grant me a day off, a totally unexpected ‘free’ day of nothing, I’m certainly not going to do anything constructive like work with it!  I’ve already watched a few mindless programs, and have a movie and video game on the docket.  Let it snow!

When God gives you snow, don’t work, make snowmen!