Yesterday I joined a second grade class for Reading Workshop.  They were launching non-fiction book clubs and I was able to sit and read with a few students.  One little boy was becoming an expert on beetles.  Never a fan myself, I feigned interest while he read and learned facts about these crispy creatures.

meet-the-beetles-0-1I had joined him about halfway through the book and I think he could tell, even though I did my best teacher/acting job, beetles weren’t exactly my cup of tea.  When he got to the end of the book, I asked him, “So, what will you share with your book club?”

He looked at me confused.

Clearly the book was an overload of information, how was he to pick just one piece of information to share?

“Was there one thing you learned about beetles that you didn’t know… maybe something that surprised you?”

With that, he flipped to a page with a graph.

“This graph shows that one-fourth of all the animals on the entire planet are beetles!” He shouted.

“Wait, a minute,” I whispered, trying to remind him of his voice level.

“One-fourth of all insects or all animals?” I asked.

He read the caption under the graph to me and he was, as second-grade boys and facts about bugs usually are, in fact, correct.

If beetles are one-fourth of all the animals on the planet, clearly I need to make some efforts to improve my opinion of them.