In one of my school’s, my office is located in the first-grade wing.  Now don’t tell anyone, but I adore first-grade teachers.  No, I’ve never taught first-grade (only kindergarten and second grade) and maybe that’s part of the intrigue to me. The first-grade teachers in this school are quite simply, amazing ladies.  They are collaborative, supportive, and open-minded.  I’m lucky to work with them and love starting my day in their presence.

A few days ago, I was chatting with one of them, when I heard music in the hallway.  The students had yet to arrive, and the voice singing was striking in both its volume and beauty.  Like a snake pulled to its charmer, I wandered out and found the source.

One of the first-grade teachers is a connoisseur of music – we’ve had chats about artists and songs many times.  I knew this music was coming from her class, she was clearly ‘in the zone’ with it and I was so curious.

I walked into the classroom to her singing along.

“Who is this?” I shouted over the music.

She quickly lowered the song, “Eva Cassidy,” she answered.

We had a chat about her music, the beauty of her voice and I left wanting to hear more.

I vaguely remembered hearing the name many years ago, a tragedy, her music only really discovered after her untimely death.  I had to hear more of this voice.  Thanks to the internet, I was able to find the song and a few others and wow – what a find.  Thank you first-grade teachers for so many gifts.