Thirty-one days of writing.  I’m not sure why it felt so daunting.  I do lots of things every day… brush my teeth, walk my dog, take a shower, eat, sleep, I always read every day, so why not writing?  Thanks to the Slice of Life challenge, I did it, I wrote for thirty-one days.  To be clear, if email, Facebook, and Twitter counted, I already did that, but not the type of reflective writing that usually takes more than a sentence or two.

Now that I’m at the finish line, I can report while it wasn’t easy, like most challenging tasks, it was well worth the effort.  What I noticed most, which really isn’t a surprise, is the more I wrote, the better my writing felt – at least in my own eyes.  In teaching, we always start with a foundation of stamina and volume and for me, increasing both made a difference (again, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to an educator).

Will I continue to write every day?  Definitely.  I may not make it public, but in some form or fashion, the writing will continue.  A big thank you to the folks at Two Writing Teachers for all the inspiration, encouragement, and support.

Editable vector illustration of a man winning a race