Yesterday was St. Patrick’s Day and the kindergarten teacher at one of the school’s I work pulled out all the stops.  For a fun motor break, she gave each student a gold coin and then had them walk in a circle and if they got ‘caught’ in a leprechaun trap (a hula hoop) they had to put their gold coin in the pot (she quickly gave them a new one to keep playing).

Well, the music for the walking was on a record.  And she played it on a record player!  She pulled out the 45 and showed it to the class – it was like she’d pulled out a relic from thousands of years ago – they hadn’t a clue what it was.  I was in charge of stopping the record randomly to ‘trap’ the leprechauns – a few tricky tykes walked over the hoop instead of through it, but then soon found out being trapped was part of the fun.

When starting and stopping the record, I may have scratched it a bit – I haven’t used a record player since I was myself small and I forgot how sensitive they are.  She was kind and didn’t let on her dismay when I did it, three or four times, but only said, “It’s lasted over thirty years, a few more scratches will give it character.”