somedayA few years ago, I found a book on the two dollar table at my school’s book fair.  It wasn’t a title I’d heard of, but as I perused the pages, I saw it as an opportunity. Someday by Eileen Spinelli is a book of poems, told from the perspective of a child, reflecting on a dream for ‘Someday’ and then, what are they doing now, ‘Today’ to help them achieve that goal.  After reading the book to my class, it became an end of the year poetry/art project to get us thinking about our futures.  My kindergartners would write things like:

Someday I will be an author.  Today I practice writing words.

Someday I will be a teacher.  Today I try my best in school.

They would then create two illustrations, one for their future ‘Someday’ and one of their current ‘Today’. In honor of this thinking, I decided to write my own Someday poem.


Someday I will continue to be great

I will always choose kindness

I will never worry about a thing, especially things not worth worrying about

I will figure out how to publish those children’s books I’ve been toiling away at

I will call my family every single week

I will smile all the time and not keep any secrets




Today I think about my words and actions first, but sometimes I slip

I am kind and when I’m not, I apologize and make amends

I worry, usually about things not worth worrying about, but I will try to worry less

I write and explore ways to get those children’s books out there

I call my mom

I choose happiness and love and let a few secrets go