I’m not sure who first had the idea to thinly slice and deep fry potatoes, but thank heavens it happened. There’s a reason folks say ‘You can’t just eat one’ – potato chips have to be one of the most addictive foods in existence.

I’ve tried many methods for curbing the craving, or, at least, minimizing the mass.  My favorite strategy is using a bowl.  Smaller bowls are better for limiting your chip intake, but the ‘realist’ in my usually grabs a cereal bowl.  With enough will power, and enough chips piled high in your bowl, you may only eat three or four servings of chips.  Of course, who in their right mind would ever only eat the single serving the bag lists nutritional information for?  Fourteen chips?  What do you think I am – a monster?

Of course, I can count on my salt covered fingers the numbers of times I stuck with the chips in the bowl. More often, the bowl gets a swift refill, or better yet, the bag sits right in my lap as I dig away, unable to see the bottom, hoping I’m not going to finish the whole bounty in a single sitting.  Does it ever happen?  More times than I’d like to admit.

What makes matters worse for me are all the delicious potato chip flavors available now.  Dill pickle?  Really? Those should be illegal.  Salt and pepper?  Why didn’t scientists figure out putting pepper in addition to salt years ago?  Darn scientists.  My all time weakness is the classic barbecue chip.  A mix of sweet, salty, tangy, and smoky flavors, it’s like they put a back yard grilling pit into my bag of potato chips!  Yay scientists!  

Naturally, the best (i.e. only) way to limit potato chip consumption is to limit potato chip purchases.  If I’m really going to keep them out of my mouth, I simply have to keep them out of my house.  It may sound severe, or even cruel, but drastic times, drastic measures and all.  There are ‘healthy’ options – low-fat, low salt, or even (the horror) baked, but for me, if I’m going to go to the trouble to tossing back chips, why skimp?  They’re potato chips, if I’m going in, I’m going all in. 

potato chips isolated on white background