When I made the shift to Literacy Coach, I was fearful I would miss the overwhelming affection from my students.  In kindergarten, the hugs were plentiful.  Rarely quantified, it wasn’t atypical to receive forty to fifty hugs a day.  In my new role, I interact with all the students in two schools, but not with the same level of intensity.  No doubt, the kids like me, but it’s definitely not the same.

There is one little kindergarten boy at the smaller school I work at that hugs me every single time I see him.  He has a smile that lights up the immediate area around him and he never ceases to run over and fling himself into me with a voracious hug.  In the hallway, during Reading Workshop, snack time, playing with blocks, if he sees me, I’m getting a hug.  The kid is bursting with affection and it would take a heartless man to deny him his hug.

I am many things, but heartless is not one of them.