I took a peek at the blog today and realized I haven’t posted in almost two weeks.  Yikes.  Sorry about that.  First, if I’m being completely honest, my last posts about ‘Preschool’ (and I mean experiences before school) seemed to be misunderstood, misrepresented, and basically lambasted by some folks.  By highlighting a New York Times article calling for quality ‘preschool’ experiences for all children (again, call it what you like), I certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone and it appeared those who were most defensive were those who were doing just that – providing amazing experiences for their children – which I found ironic.  In any event, it left a sour taste in my mouth and, again just being honest, made me feel not super enthusiastic about sharing my thoughts.

Secondly, I was on Winter Break.  In the Northeast, we have this weird week in February off.  Not teaching left me uninspired to write.  Finally, my dog was sick.  Nothing earth shattering and he’s on the mend, but a sick dog can pull focus more than I anticipated.

With March beginning, I’m feeling hopeful there will be more posts coming. A few exciting things going on at school: I dusted off my old Wii and hooked it up to my Smart Board.  It’s a revelation.  Even on cold, wet, inside recess days we get to move, rather enthusiastically too.  I’m trying a Fairy Tales mini-unit over the next few weeks with some new stories and activities and am hoping we’ll have a blast while building some much needed schema in my sprouts’ heads.

Even though it’s still cold and wet, everyday there are signs of Spring.  I’m ready for some warmth and rejuvenation.