During calendar today, Riley, our calendar helper, accidentally drew a rather large line on my shirt with a black marker.  It wasn’t on purpose and I just kind of shrugged it off.  This wasn’t a particularly favorite shirt of mine and damaged clothes are par for the course in kindergarten.

Later in the day, during centers, as I stood up from the table Kristen was sitting at, she remarked, “Oh Mr. ______, I really hope that mark comes out of your shirt… it’s my favorite shirt of yours.”

Really?  I didn’t know she had a favorite shirt of mine… I didn’t know she even noticed the mark.  Kristen gives lots of hugs and perhaps during one of her hugs she noticed it?  My waistline is just about at her eye level I suppose.

“I’m sure it will come out in the washing machine,” I replied.

“Well just put a little laundry detergent right on it before you put it in,” she advised.

And there you have it.  Home economics advice from a five-year-old.