I work at a large school.  It’s two floors.  The first floor houses all of the kindergarten and first grades and the second floor is home to all second and third graders.  For the kindergartners, the upstairs is like the forbidden wing of the castle in Beauty in the Beast… do NOT enter!

Well as luck would have it, our third grade reading buddies are indeed on the second floor.  To make our reading time more docile, we split our classes in two and half of the third graders come down to our room and half of our kindergartners go up to the third grade classroom.  We switch each week so everyone has a turn in each room.

Today as I led my class up and down the stairs, we were met by a gaggle of other classes.  As I stood in the hallway at the bottom of the stairs trying to gather my sprouts, I realized, quite quickly, we were causing a major traffic jam.

See, the thing is, kindergartners don’t move very fast… add stairs to the mix and their speed decreases exponentially.  As a rule, I make all my tiny little friends hold on to the railing as they go up or down the stairs as well.  This is a safety concern and necessary, but it slows us down even more.

As the teachers and students piled up in the hallway, I shrugged and said with a smile, “Sorry, kindergartners take their time to be safe.”