Day four and things are slowly (like a snail) getting better.  A big part of it is a combination of building up the stamina of tiny little people that have none and keeping them distracted enough to forget they miss their moms.  It’s a delicate balance and I do it with lots of books, songs, and a few puppets.

I’ve been anxious each morning, just making sure I feel ready for the day. As the first buses pull up and the kids begin to filter down the hallway, I try to take some deep breaths and calm myself down.  I stand in the door smiling, saying, “Welcome. Good Morning!” and most of the children reply with a smile and ‘Good Morning’ back.

This morning, while standing with my arm outstretched welcoming Roger to the class, he walked up, smiled, and gave me a giant hug. Roger is a big kid.  He gives a big hug.  Right then, I knew the day would be fine.  And it was.  That’s the best way to start your day.