Spring has sprung.  Well at least for the day… exactly one week ago we had a snow day and over a foot of snow.  Today it was sixty-two degrees!

Naturally, with such amazing weather, one of our playgrounds was closed and the other was really too muddy for kindergartners to navigate.  Mrs. D. decided we should go for a walk instead, which was simply lovely. Sometimes an organized walk instead of recess is just what the doctor ordered.

As I stood in the back of the line, sandwiched in between two girls holding both of my hands, I said, “Spring is awesome!”

Without missing a beat, Rudy, who always waxes poetic, smiled and shouted, “I feel like I could just kiss the sun!”

Are you kidding me?  Kiss the sun?  He was right though, the warmth from the sun was making our walk a brilliant break from our day.  It’s supposed to get chilly again tomorrow, but I know, soon, we’ll all be puckering up to smooch the sun again soon.