Ok, this is a little silly… just fair warning.

Today was our 100th day of school.  This afternoon, we were making our special necklaces with fruity cereal (the off brand works super). When the first little girl finished her necklace and I had tied it on, I took her hand, walked her to the middle of the class and said, “Modeling her new necklace, supermodel Sally!”

I then had her walk the ‘runway’ a few times.  She was instructed not to smile as supermodels never smile.

Mrs. D. aslo told her to look ‘angry’… I told her most supermodels look angry because they’re so hungry.

Naturally, as each sprout finished their necklace, they had a turn as a ‘supermodel’ – yes, don’t even ask, even the boys wanted to walk the runway.

Victor was a little overexcited about his turn and started chanting, “Shake your money, shake your money…” as he well, shook his money.

Turned out, he had some change in his pocket.

We had a blast, and I hope they all felt like a model, at least for a moment or two… I also wanted them to realize, those models are ridiculous.  Who walks a runway without smiling and looking angry?  Not us, we giggled the entire time.