I have a confession… I am prone to going overboard.  I know, shocking. Anyway, here goes… in my entire teaching career, I’ve never been able to have a real party with my class… you know with cookies, cupcakes, and cake. Year after year, I’ve had at least one (if not many) sprouts with food allergies.  So the parties have been mostly food free.  Oh sure, from time to time, we’ve been able to have cut fruit or veggies with dip, but the home baked treats have been kept at bay.  Well this year, with nary a single allergy, the holiday fiesta is going to be full of home baked goodness.

Today, the note about our party went home.  As I told the class about the note and party before getting ready to go home, the excitement was palpable.

“Your parents can look over the information about our party and then decide if they want to contribute a treat to share,” I began.

Hands shot up.

“My mom could make a santa cake!” Holly screeched.  She really did screech it.

After that, all bets were off.  It was a virtual onslaught of one-upping of sweets.  Every type of cookie with every type of frosting and sprinkle, every flavor of cake and icing, and even a chocolate fountain were offered up.  I’m not sure how much of the goodies are a dream and how many will come to actual fruition, but I was told by a reputable source (Mrs. D.) that I was egging them on… and maybe salivating a little myself.

Yes, I love sweets.  Chocolate at school has never been part of my repertoire, but this year, Santa has given me an early Christmas gift… there will be SWEETS at our holiday party!