We are rhyming up a storm lately.  We sing about rhymes, read about rhymes, rhyme our names, heck, we rhyme just about anything.  One of our quick activities to practice and assess each sprout’s ability to rhyme is rhyming around the circle.  As we sit in a circle, we go around one by one, giving a word to each child.  They in return give a rhyming word back.  It can be a nonsense word, as long as it rhymes.

Yesterday, we were one a roll.  When it was Jason’s turn, the word given to him was ‘sit’…

He looked confused.  He needed a clue.

I repeated the word, “sit” and then, trying to lure ‘hit’ out of him, pretended to hit a baseball with my bat.

“Fishing!” He exclaimed.

“No, imagine a baseball,” I said as I swung the bat again.

“Swing!” He tried again.

“Good try, but swing doesn’t rhyme with sit, SIT,” I said as I swung my imaginary bat for third last time.

“Homerun!” Jason yelled.  More like a strike.

“Hit, I’m hitting the ball… sit, hit, sit, hit, those words rhyme,” I explained.

A swing and a miss, but he sure was trying.