This week, I was fortunate enough to have a visit from the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Coordinator for my district.  She is leading a book group I’m partaking in on the book Number Talks and volunteered to come in and demonstrate with my class.

It’s always eye opening for me to sit with my class as opposed to in front of them.  If you can get someone else to come in, even to simply read a book and sit with your class, it’s one of the most valuable ways to get a better idea of how your students learn.  But (as usual), I digress…

Ms. M. read us a cute version of Ten in the Bed, but with a spin.  After each victim fell out of the bed, she asked the class to show her the number on their hands… with a challenge.  She asked them to show her three (or four, or five, etc.) with two hands instead of one.  She then noticed and commented on the different ways children showed the same number with both hands.

Well they loved the Number Talk so much, I talked with my partner teacher and stole a cute idea from her.  We made little ‘beds’ using wallpaper samples.  The kids then had to draw ten ‘pillows’ (squares) in their beds for their critters.  And the critters were… Teddy Grahams!

As we sang the song and each one ‘fell out’, I changed the words to the song so we sang, ‘fell INTO my mouth’!

Well of course this was the funniest thing they had ever heard.  We sang through the entire song with Teddy Grahams in our mouths, crumbs falling everywhere… BUT we were counting, subtracting and learning without even knowing it.