There is a moth infestation and I don’t think anybody knows why.  I’m vacationing on Cape Cod and I woke up around seven thirty (aren’t summers the best for sleeping in?), came outside with my dog, and noticed the moths.  Not one, two, or even three, but a whole, cluster of moths (what do you call a large group of moths? An eclipse – thank you Google).

At first I thought they were isolated to our deck and perhaps had something to do with one of the species of flowers growing nearby, but later, as I walked the dog further and further away from our homebase, I noticed them everywhere.  Flying around aimlessly, they almost seem unsure why they’re here themselves. They don’t seem to be bothering anyone in particular, but their sudden appearance in such large numbers remains a mystery. The moths are out in huge numbers and I can only hope it’s not an omen, but a sign of how peaceful and relaxing this respite has been.