Each year I’m amazed how many kids in my class love Star Wars.  As a child, my brother and I were totally ensconced in the Star Wars universe and I have to admit, even as an adult, I still watch the movies and have more than a few t-shirts with R2D2 on them.

About a month ago, I found a Star Wars sight word game online, but I made a little tweak to it.  The lovely lady who created the game used some cute Star Wars character clip art for her game.  Wondering if my boys would buy int to ‘cute’ Star Wars, I found a Star Wars sticker book online and used those characters instead.

The game is simple.  Four kids play together.  Each child gets to be a character.  The word cards sit in the middle of the table.  Each word card also has a star on it… if a child pulls a card and can read the word, they get to keep the ‘star’ in their pile.  If not, they have to put their card on the bottom of the pile.  If they pull a Black Hole card, they have to put all their cards under the pile!  There are only three Black Hole cards, so the game will eventually end.  When all the cards are gone, they count their cards and determine who The Force was with best.

Now, as an adult, I realize this is nothing more than a sight word practice game.  But, for my sprouts, this is a STAR WARS GAME!  I introduced the game during our literacy centers, but wouldn’t you know it, the kids have been literally begging to play the game all the time.  Even during our regular play centers… Legos?  Blocks?  Kitchen?  No way, they’d rather play the STAR WARS GAME!

We’ve been playing the game for over two weeks now and enthusiasm hasn’t diminished one bit.  If anything, it’s growing.  Of course, this has me thinking how else I could spread the Star Wars magic in my classroom… then again, I don’t want to oversaturate it.  I’m so pleased with the practice they’re having each time they play and as we say each time we start the game, ‘May the Force Be With You!’