Oh the day before a week off (to be clear, I don’t have the week off, but the kids do).  There’s a little crazy excitement in the air and you just can’t quite contain it… Here are the highlights from my last day of Thanksgiving fun:

  • After Quiet Time, when Will woke up from falling asleep he was a little teary.  When I went over and asked him what was wrong he said, “I woke up and missed my mom.”  Wanting to get him back in the swing of things, I asked,  “What does your mom do when you wake up at home?”  “Hugs me,” he replied.  With that, I hugged him tightly, he smiled, and was fine.  I’m thankful hugs are the best medicine.
  • Upon the urging on one first grade teacher, we organized an impromptu Turkey Time Flash Mob.  We had two kindergarten classes and four first grade classes… about one hundred kids, all doing Turkey Time in unison.  It was chaotic, ridiculous, and awesome.  I’m thankful for teachers who love crazy ideas as much as I do.
  • After watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, one of my all time favorite Peanuts movies, because really, it doesn’t get much better than Snoopy fighting with a chair and serving popcorn, pretzels, jelly beans, and toast for a Thanksgiving feast, we had our OWN feast.  What did we have?  Why popcorn and pretzels of course!  I wanted to make toast, but we didn’t have time.  The best part?  We made our own turkey from an idea I found here.  Mrs. D. crafted the fake turkey before the kids arrived and we hid until later in the day.  We ‘carved’ into the turkey to find our popcorn and pretzel surprise.  You would think we served chocolate and soda.  It was brilliant.  I am thankful my sprouts find joy in popcorn and pretzels inside a brown paper bag turkey.
So there you have it.  A wonderful day, full of grateful memories.  What are you thankful for?