On Friday afternoon, with two days of rain and no outside recess, we were feeling a little desperate. Five-year-olds need to move, groove, and get some of their pent up energy out. In a last ditch effort, I found Turkey Time on YouTube. On the spot, Mrs. D. and I made up a dance to go along with it.

Turkey Time, Turkey Time – make the sign for turkey (the letter Q under your chin moving down like a turkey’s waddle)

On the Gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble – take both hands near your mouth and open and close them like a turkey’s beak gobbling

On Stop – make the sign for stop

On Jump – jump as high as you can

On Squat – do a squat… kindergarteners need to be shown how to do a proper squat!

That’s pretty much it… at all other times, just boogie like a Turkey. We’ll be having Turkey Time often in the next few weeks. Bring on the gravy!