During Writing Workshop today, I stopped to work with Leslie.  As I looked at her paper, I saw an apple tree and two people, so I took a shot.

“I love your story Leslie, is about apple picking?” I prompted.

“Yeah, it was me and my mom apple picking,” she replied.

“Which one is you and which one is your mom?” I asked, trying to get her to label her drawing.

“Well that one’s me,” she answered.

“What could you write so people would know that’s you?” I asked.

Without saying a word, she wrote her name above one of the figures on the page.

“Now what could you write above your mom?” I queried.

“Well she has two names…” Leslie began.

“Really?  What are they?” I wondered.

“Well my dad calls her Ruth, but I call her mom… which one is her real name?” She pondered.

“Both.  You get to call her ‘mom’ but everyone else, including your dad, calls her Ruth… so you can write either one,” I continued.

She wrote ‘mom’ and smiled.  It’s sure nice to have two names.