It happens almost every year about this time.  Some little guy (it’s usually a boy, I’m not sure why) decides that a hug now and then just isn’t enough and he proceeds to attach himself to me as close and often as he can.  I call him my ‘Velcro boy’ because he is stuck to my side just about all the time.

This year it’s Brian.  He’s never as happy as when we’re making some kind of physical contact.  He’s always grabbing for my hand or wrapping his arms around me – regardless of what I’m doing.

At my new school, I have a fancy Smart Board and often have to get down on my knees if I’m doing any typing or work at my laptop on a small desk near the board.  Brian will come up behind me, when I least expect it and tackle me.  He caught me off guard the first few times he did this, but I’ve almost gotten used to it now.  He just likes to be close.

Yesterday, as I was assessing his letters and he was standing next to me, in about one minute he went from leaning on me to wrapping his arms around my neck to plopping himself down on my lap.  I explained we’re not allowed to sit in laps at school (actually, I’m not sure it’s an actual rule, but it crosses my line of comfort) and he just smiled and went back to leaning.

I swear he waits for me to be down on the floor doing something and runs over to get the best squeeze in he can – usually wrapping his arms around me and pressing his cheek next to mine so tightly after a few seconds I have to ask him to stop because I’m afraid he’s going to bruise me.  Sometimes love does hurt.

It may sound like I’m complaining, but I’m not.  I actually let Brian be as affectionate as he wants most of the time.  I know him loving me is a good thing.  Loving me means loving learning and school and I can’t argue with that.