Oh boy.  Who knew vomit and death were so prevalent in the minds of five-year-olds?  Please make a note of it.

Today we introduced our Vet Center.  It’s a fun little center with stuffed animals (dogs, cats, and bears – hey, you might have a pet bear…) and various medical equipment a vet might find useful.  As we do with all new centers, I built up the drama of a NEW center and then spent time explaining how one might use it.  I sat at the table as the class looked on and played vet.  I gave my puppy a shot, took his temperature, pretended to brush him and give him some water from a plastic dish.  Oh what fun!

Well, wouldn’t you know it, every single time I walked by the Vet Center, no matter who was there, all I heard about was vomit (‘puke’ to be exact) and death.  Apparently, all the animals at the Vet Center were puking… and about to die… or dead.  Really?

At one point, Mrs. D. tried to intervene.

“I take my dog to the vet for a checkup all the time,” she began.

“He’s not throwing up or dying,” she continued.

She really gave it the old college try.  She, as I had, modeled what might actually happen at a vet.  She gave the dog a bone.  Pet him.  Brushed him, told him he was being good and then gently gave him a shot… as soon as she walked away, he died.  Ugh.

Well, it’s Friday.  I suppose if you’re going to deal with a massive influx of vomiting dying stuffed animals, it better be on a Friday.