Most of the country is under a deep freeze… I heard rumors that it was actually cold in Florida.  Well, where I live, it’s bitter.  We’re used to cold, but even for us, the recent sub-zero temperatures can be too much to handle.

This morning, when I arrived at school, I noticed the classroom was on the chilly side.  The heat was on, but it was so cold overnight, it just hadn’t warmed up the room yet.  I am, by nature, a warm blooded person… I’m always warm, but today, I was not.

When I picked my class up from Music, Ronald, who was standing in the front of the line hugged me.  He felt very cozy as he latched on and I couldn’t help but compliment his hug, “Ronald, you are so warm, keep hugging me!”

That was the wrong thing to say to my class.  The all proceded to huddle up and hug me, shouting, “We’ll keep you warm!”

Maybe it was just the right thing to say.