There isn’t much more exciting to a five-year-old than a loose tooth.  Today, during Morning Meeting, I saw Matthew pushing at his front teeth with his tongue… there was a tooth getting ready to bust out.

Later, during calendar, with his hand up, and about to burst out of his skin, he mumbled through his teeth, “My toof is about to fall out!”

“I’m a mother, let me take a peek,” Mrs. D. said.

She stepped close to him and watched him grab at his loose tooth.

“Not quite yet, but maybe during lunch…” she teased.

After lunch, the tooth was still intact.

That boy pushed, prodded, and pulled at his tooth all day long.  It was ridiculously cute.

Finally, in line for the bus, I asked Matthew about his tooth.

“Is it ready yet?” I prodded.

“Almost, maybe on the bus…” Matthew replied.

“Be careful, if it falls out on the bus, make sure to keep it for the tooth fairy,” I warned.

“If it doesn’t fall out on the bus, it might during dinner…” Matthew hoped.

As he started out for the bus, I called out, “Matthew, I will send the Tooth Fairy an email and let her know she’s going to need to pay a visit to your house tonight!”

He turned and smiled with his tongue pressing through his loose tooth and shouted out, “Matthew Roberts, 445 Cranberry Lane!  Make sure she has my full name and address!”

I love that kid.  Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the Tooth Fairy?  I need to send her warning – quick!