No, not the kind you smoked in college (unless like a certain president, you didn’t inhale), I’m talking about Dandelions.  Ask anyone with a lawn and they’ll tell you, these weeks keep us on our toes.  With various chemicals and treatments, or for the green among us, just yanking them out feverishly, we try and try, often in vain, to rid our green lawns of these pests.

I’ve mentioned this before, but really, as with so many things in life, adults could learn a lesson from my sprouts.

As any kindergarten teacher will tell you, Dandelions are pure gold. Gather enough of them and you can even make wine!  Now I’m pretty sure my itty bitty friends don’t know this, but secretly, as they bestow flower after flower on me, I wonder how many it would take to mix up some Dandelion moonshine behind my desk.

You might be surprised that not only the girls, but the boys too, bring me Dandelions.  When they hand me a flower, I always act like I’ve just been handed a winning lottery ticket.  With the thought that went into picking it, holding onto it during the crazy business of recess, and then delivering it with a smile, how could I not?  Sometimes the buds are a little rough from being over handled, but they all get a spot on my desk nonetheless.

Each Dandelion is symbol.  Love, trust, hope, affection, friendship, and the occasional crush.  I’ve been asked for my hand in marriage more than once with the rare, priceless, Dandelion engagement ring.  We talk about Dandelion wishes… those hopes you offer to the universe as you blow the soft white seeds into the wind.

Seriously, I feel like a brute when I have to sweep them into the trash after the last child has boarded the bus.  I’ve found out the hard way, Dandelion bouquets don’t last in water.  Just like our time together, their magic is only momentary, fleeting, and should be treasured.  I’ll continue to cherish each offering, knowing what they truly represent.