Well I finished my first week of my new job… with kids.  I add the ‘with kids’ because I’d been working with teachers for almost two weeks on professional development and various other ‘things’ that go on at schools before the kids arrive.  That being said, the school doesn’t really come alive until the children walk through the front door on that first day of school.  Regardless of your role at a school, it’s really nothing more than a building until it is filled with children.

So, as the kids came in, there I stood, greeting busses, holding hands, guiding new kindergarteners to their teachers and greeting older students who didn’t know me.  I realized very quickly that not having my own classroom is not going to mean not having connections with kids.  Even working in two schools, with that many more faces and names to learn, I’m picking up quickly that every adult in those buildings is there for a common reason – the children.  And while my job is technically to support and focus on teachers, our work always boils down to, yup, you guessed it, the kids.

I am loving my job so far.  I haven’t really started any ‘official’ coaching, more cheerleading for my new teachers than anything, but I’m slowly pushing into classrooms, sitting with kids during snack or a story and becoming a part of the places.  Next week I’ll go in a read a story to every class and help with some Kindergarten assessments, more face time and a chance to share some (hopefully) new stories and learn more names.

Have you gone back yet?  How was your first day or week back?