There’s just no other word for Valentine’s Day in kindergarten. Well maybe chaotic… or crazy… or ridiculous… but for me, ‘whirlwind’ just covers it.

From Valentine’s delivery to waiting to open them (I probably heard, “When can we open our Valentines?” about fifty times… and I told them all many times when it would happen…) to the sweets we had (really, it doesn’t get much better than cupcakes with pink frosting), our day flew by fast and I myself, had a slight tummy ache, from all the candy I got and just had to sample at lunchtime.

Probably the highlight of my day happened early.  As friends were delivering their Valentine’s and finishing, I would try to pair them up with another sprout who might need help.

Marty, a very bright boy who sometimes struggles with following the rules, finished right away.  I paired him up with Barry, a little quiet boy who leaves the room for academic support.  Marty began helping Barry and I went about my business trying to herd the cats.

A few minutes later, I looked over and saw Marty with his arm around Barry, leading him around the room and quietly encouraging and helping him. Naturally, this made my day.

During Morning Meeting, I made a big fuss about this moment and told Marty, that him being so kind, especially when he didn’t know anyone was watching was the best Valentine I could ever get.  It really was.  Oh, I got some extra Valentine hugs too.  Hugs, pink frosting, and kids being sweet… it makes the whirlwind worth it.