As I prepare to start my new job so many emotions are swirling.  While I’m so excited about my new school (really the folks there have been so amazingly welcoming), it’s bittersweet because I’ll be leaving some very dear friends.

One of my closest, dearest, friends, Ms. R., gave me a bag of goodies for my new classroom.  In it was the following:

  • One bag of Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate (my favorite)
  • One bag of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures (my other favorite)
  • One giant bag of Coconut M&M’s (my new favorite)
  • One bag of Hershey’s Nuggets (not my favorite, but great for sharing)
  • Seven bottles of assorted glitter because Ms. R. loves glitter more than anything
  • A framed copy of Why I love it.

Now, Why I love it was something I wrote after my first year of teaching kindergarten.  Ms. R. loved it so much she printed it out, framed it and keeps it in on the desk in her classroom.  She wanted me to have a copy of it for my new desk… in my new room.

Being the clueless person I am, I had forgotten what I wrote, so it was quite fun reading it with fresh eyes.  As I prepare to embark on my new journey, I thought I’d share it once again.  I still feel this way about teaching kindergarten.  Feel free to print and frame it for your desk if you like.

Why I love it.

As I prepare to go back for my second year teaching kindergarten, I can’t help but reflect on why I love it.  I really adore it.  As I told one of my new sprouts at our open house last week, “Kindergarten rocks!”

I love the idea of an unmolded piece of clay just longing to be kneaded and shaped into a unique beautiful work of ar.  Each of my new sprouts is just that… a willing chunk of clay.

I love being allowed, even expected to be silly every day.

I love getting hugs just for being me.  I never get tired of those.

I love teaching five-year-olds dance moves they’ve never seen or heard before.  Churn-the-butter and The Robot never get old.  Never.

I love how they all think I have an awesome singing voice and I love how the kid with worst voice sings the loudest.

I love working with ladies who challenge and inspire me.

I love watching a child ‘click’ – seeing that look when they realize they can do something they never thought possible when they walked in the door that morning.

I love how glitter makes everything more exciting.

I love using puppets to bring everything from stories to math concepts to life.

I love working with kids who still believe in magic.

I love leaving work each day and feeling like, perhaps, I’ve made a difference in the life of a child.

I love knowing that working with children makes me a better man.  Really, it does.

And finally, I love loving my job.  Teaching kindergarten is, hands down, the best job in the world.

As we all get ready to head back for another year of ups and downs, twists and turns, it’s not a bad idea to reflect on why we do what we do.  What do you love about your job?