Yes, I’m back!  I had an amazing, restful, exciting trip.  One of the most incredible adventures I had was snorkeling in the middle of the ocean on a reef.  I saw some of the most beautiful fish, but the highlight was seeing an elusive sea turtle! I raised my head out of the water to notify some of the other snorkelers of a particularly bright blue fish, stuck my head back in the water, and saw it.  Within about ten seconds it was gone, but as I do at work everyday, I felt particularly lucky to have been at the right place at the right time.

When we got back in our small boat, I noticed one of the ladies on the trip was bleeding.  She had cut her leg on some coral.  Of course, there was no first aid kit on board, so without blinking, I unzipped my bag and retrieved a wet nap, some tissues, Neosporin, and a bandaid.

Naturally, the others on the boat were surprised I was so prepared.

“I carry that stuff around all the time… I’m a kindergarten teacher,” I said.

So even in the middle of the ocean on an unprepared boat, I was ready for anything.

SO, the winners of the giveaway are:

Michelle M., Madeline, and Ben

They have been notified by email and their prizes have been sent.  Thank you to everyone who visits and enjoys my stories as much as I enjoy sharing them.  I’ll be back tomorrow and hopefully have another tale to dispense.