Today I had an all day meeting… well actually it was only until about midday… that was followed by another meeting.  Ugh.  I officially don’t like meetings.  Let me say, I do not want to be an administrator, or anything else that would cause me to sit in meetings more than on the rare occasion.  Meetings don’t fit my personality… SQUIRREL!

In any event, my first meeting was off site, but my second meeting was at school.  As luck would have it, as I was walking into school, a bus line was exiting.  My buddy Fred, not always my biggest fan, saw me, gave me the biggest smile, and shouted, “Mrs. ______, hey!  Hey! Hey, Mrs. _______!”

Yes, he still calls me ‘Mrs.’ about half the time, but he’s working on the ‘Mr.’ and I appreciate the effort.  It was, without a doubt, the highlight of a day filled with me sitting in meetings.  Mettings – yuck.  Fred thrilled to see me – yay!